Spark plug wires (ignition cables) from Magnecor


Magnecor is a USA based manufacturer of ignition cable (spark plug wire) and spark plug wire sets.

We manufacture spark plug wire sets for current and older cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine and industrial applications. We also specialize in manufacturing spark plug wires for high performance, race and modified engines. Our product line includes thousands of wire sets. In addition, we supply bulk ignition cable and components to enable customers to prepare wires for their particular application.

We also specialize in making custom-specification spark plug wire sets and industrial ignition wires.

Our ignition cables are unlike any other cables on the market, and are designed and manufactured to provide high performance, extreme temperature protection, long service life and superior EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) suppression.

For detailed information about Magnecor products, a catalog, important information about spark plug wires and EMI suppression in general, please see our Technical Information Web Site.

Magnecor is an independently owned Michigan, USA based manufacturer, and we actually make what we sell. Our spark plug wires are the most advanced product of their type on the market. We have been manufacturing and selling spark plug wire and wire sets since the 1970s and we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Should you have any spark plug wire or ignition wire needs, no matter how large or small, please feel free to contact us. There is never a minimum order required.


For Consumers: We have an extremely large product line of spark plug wires for the majority of domestic and imported vehicles, and for specialist high-performance applications. We also specialize in manufacturing custom specification wire sets as well as custom wire sets for modified or race engines. Magnecor spark plug wires will improve performance on high-mileage vehicles, and by design and construction, will most likely be the last set of wires you will need to fit.

For Wholesalers, Retailers and Workshops: We can promptly supply any of the thousands of part numbers you see in our catalog. If you have technical or other questions, we have a very knowledgeable staff to assist you. Increasingly, we are becoming the only supplier for quality wire sets for older or specialty vehicles.

For Industrial / Government / Military customers: We have long-standing experience in developing ignition wires for non-automotive applications such as for ovens, boilers, heaters, furnaces, oil and gas field and energy supplier ignition equipment, aircraft, gasoline powered lift trucks and equipment etc., as well as various other industrial and military applications, particularly applications that require EMI suppression. We are happy to quote on ignition wires for your engineering project - in any quantity
. See our Industrial User page.


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